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Welcome to Singlescan Internet Solutions. We offer a comprehensive e-commerce web site development and online marketing service for entrepreneurs & small businesses based in the midlands region of the UK.

Left AlignIt's a competitive world out there, and we want to make sure your business gets it right. Our aim is to help you build a dynamic online presence, that expands your, and boosts your business.

We have extensive expertise in web site development, search engine optimisation (SEO).

Multiple Income Streams

Do you believe in multiple income streams? If not are you missing a trick?

I've looked at lots of extra income streams, and the easiest and most profitable is here.

E-Commerce Shopping Carts

Our solutions are based around the Actinic Shopping Cart, who provide a great value shopping cart solution that we can tailor to fit your needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Our technical staff have over 10 years of building internet solutions, working on projects both large and small.

Database Driven Web sites

We can create database systems from scratch, or update existing systems, working in Oracle, Informix and MySql. We are accomplished at table design / creation, and ongoing maintenance

Search Engine Optimisation

If your web site isn't in the top 20 results from the major search engines, it's very likely to be missed by web surfers, as most people don't visit the second page of search results. As around 45% of surfers use search engines to find your site, you have to be sure it's high in the listings. This means regularly repeating your registration with the search engines, for as more sites are registered, your position gradually slides down.

Affordable Web Hosting

Our hosting packages start at £20 per year (including VAT) which is ideal for small ventures through to a dedicated servers with a tailored package.

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